Web Development Services

responsive layouts
Flexible layouts that shine from large monitors to small mobile devices and everything in between. iPad, iPhone, iMac? Layouts for the iLife.
mobile layouts
Have a mobile layout designed for an existing site that's optimized for touch devices while maintaining the identity of the brand.
touch optimization
Size does matter. Small icons and tiny text are impossible for fingers to accurately select, our sites are optimized to solve such problems.
search engine optimization
Put SEO first by having a site designed that satisfies all major search engine requirements and send those results to the top of the list. Already have a site? We raise your search results too!
WordPress development
Get a fresh new site designed that allows the client to login and make changes as they please, without paying for costly maintains fees with WordPress web development services.
domain/server configuration
Configure domains and servers right the first time by leaving all the dirty work to us.
WordPress installation
Have WordPress installed professionally with all the initial settings already completed.
social media pages
Social media pages provide an excellent way to stay connected with your customers while maintaining the brand image on all components even within Facebook.
social media integration
Not only do we provide the option to have 'like' buttons on important content for Facebook users, we analyze the data and provide suggestions based on user tendencies to better improve your site.
supported languages
From PHP to HTML 5 we support a wide variety of programing languages while always providing the latest techniques with a creative spin that will makes your project stand above the rest.
full-screen layouts
It's not uncommon to have users with a 27" monitor, take advantage of all that real estate with a layout that utilizes the entire screen.
wordpress for real estate
Whether you want to create a site with it's own database of listings or pull them from a MLS network Snow DPD can design a custom solution to suite your real estate needs.
wordpress for real estate
Real estate solutions can be broken down into two categories by asking a simple question. Would you like to pull your listings from an existing network such as the MLS network or would you prefer to have a more controllable database built from the ground up to service the specific needs of your service.
self-contained listings database
This option is ideal for a small town or area that can be broken down as far as neighborhood in terms of specific demographics as well as have the ability to use specialized search filters that are specific to that town or neighborhood. Basically, since we are focusing on a small area we can develop an extremely specialized niche to cater to that specific town. For example a waterfront website that specialized in waterfront real estate listings would benefit from a specialized search that included the waterfront adjacent to the property as a filter.
pull listings from a network - MLS
This option is best for agencies or agents who have a large number of listings already registered on the MLS or some other real estate network. It allows clients to directly pull the listings from the network and display them in the same specialized fashion mentioned above.